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Salon 5 – one of the first fine dining restaurants in Serbia opened 2013th at Avijatičarski trg 5, situated in iconic, old part of Belgrade, town Zemun, close to the river Danube.
After coming back from Bologna Nikola Narancic and his partner had started a personal cuisine restaurant in a contemporary designed apartment of an old building. His idea was to share high-quality Italian food and wine in a cozy atmosphere of Salon 5. Since then dining in Salon 5 is not just about satisfying hunger, but also creating an unforgettable experience.
Afterwards, one of the Salon 5 cooks Anđela Risimić continued growing the passion for the cuisine of Emiglia Romagna, so she completed a stage in Modena, Masssimo Bottura’s three Micheline star restaurant Osteria Francescana. Eventually, Andjela is back in Salon 5 and together with her team she would like to continue Nikola’s idea of bringing Emilia Romagna to the tables of Salon 5 by using Serbian products, from local farmers and small producers.

Anđela Risimić

“By serving a plate of food with an explosion of flavors, I would like to make people aware of some essentials in life, such as the importance of nature and its sustainability. For me, cooking is an incredible form of art. Food is a tool to express your creativity, ideas, and inspiration. A well-served dish should be an artwork that will satisfy the customer’s soul and senses.”

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Wednesday – Sunday
6pm – 11pm
Kitchen closes at 10pm